A Close Encounter at the Garage

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
A Close Encounter at the Garage

I am a well developed adventurous attractive 15 year old girl and like to show off my good looks and sexy body. My brother is always taking advantage this and is getting me into compromising situations where I am loosing the clothes that I am wearing. His mates work at a garage and he bet me to give them a tease. Even though I am only 15 I am quickly learning about the effect of my body has on men. I have been told that I am becoming a exhibitionist well know in town.

Let me describe myself. My breasts are developing, firm and with nipples that poke out against the thin cotton blouse of my school uniform. I have not started to wear a bra and I have no intention to start because I like the way my tits brush against my blouses and the way they bounce up and down when I walk. Today I have five buttons undone so that I can show off my growing tits. I like to make my cleavage more noticeable with a silver chain hanging between my tanned breasts. I enjoy playing with it and at the same time fondle my breasts.

I have short white socks, simple shoes and a very short school skirt. I always have the standard length shortened by several inches. The material is light and flows over my upper thighs. It looks good with my all over sun tan. I have to be careful when I move because I could easily show off what was underneath and that is very little. Most of the time I ware nothing. Today I was warring tiny white pants which cover almost nothing. The back cut up my ass and the front was so small it cut into my cunt pressing my pussy lips apart. It felt wonderful to wear.

Loads of guys have asked me to go out with them but all they seem to have on their minds is to fuck me. In spite of all the groping from the guys I have dated I have not let them fuck me. My cunt is soft and smooth with just a little damask hair and I want to keep it pure until I meet the right guy. I am a virgin and just want to have fun and tease a few guys at the same time.

My brother had told me I was only to tease his mates and that if I went to the garage asking for a ’long hard slow screw’ he would give me ’50 but, unknown to me, he got ’50 from each of his mates because he told them I was going for a gang-bang. Therefore I was expecting to tease some lads and they were expecting to fuck a young school girl.

I arrived at the garage and walked across the forecourt. I could feel everybody’s eyes on me. My thin school blouse was translucent in the strong sunlight and I was showing plenty of cleavage. I was excited and could feel my nipples rub against the soft material of my white blouse. My short school skirt flapped in the warm wind and danced against my long tanned legs giving everyone a quick glimpse of my /tight/tight-panties/">tight panties. The guys working there were expecting me and looking forward to shagging a young school girl, all unknown to me. I found my way into the workshop and came up to a group of rough young men dressed in overalls. I asked them in my most innocent voice ’I am looking for a long hard slow screw? Can you help me?’.

They laughed and said yes. They quickly escorted me to a high chair. One guy put his hand up my short skirt and pinched my ass. I could feel his hand groping at my almost non-existent panties. I gave a laugh and gave him a sexy smile. He kept his hand under my thin skirt but I walked quickly away so that his fingers could only stroke the surface of my thin white panties.

I could see why the guys wanted me to sit on the high chair, it gave them a clear view of my well shaped legs up to the top of my thighs. I gave them a /cute/">cute smile and said ’who’s going to give me a screw’ at the same time I fondled the chain round my neck diverting attention from what I was wearing underneath old waman xxxgx my skirt to my erect nipples poking through my blouse. One guy started to walk towards me and grabbed at my chain and shouted ’start stripping and I will screw you’. His hands touched my tits which were pressing against my unbuttoned blouse. The sight of my breasts through the thin cotton made him more excited and he tried to grab my tits underneath my school blouse. A button came undone and left one breast exposed. I tried to push the guy away and nearly lost my balance and gave everybody a glimpse of my skimpy panties.

As I covered up my tits and buttoned up my blouse I opened my legs slightly exposing my pussy lips prized apart by the thin material of my panties. Everyone’s eyes were focused on the tiny piece of material that was covering my cunt. I closed my legs again knowing everyone had seen what was underneath. I tried to look innocent giving the room full of excited guys a little girl smile.

They all started shouting ’get your kit off, we’re going to screw you’, I felt that the tease was getting out of control and that I had earned my ’50. My brother’s mates, on the other hand, wanted their ’50 worth. I tried to button up my thin cotton blouse and cover up my tits but this only drew attention to that I was not warring a bra. I could feel the men looking through the thin material of my blouse which only came a fraction above my nipples. My nipples were erect against the soft material and stood out for everyone to see. I managed to straighten up my school skirt so that my brief panties were covered and crossed my long legs so the guys could only see up to the top of my thighs. 

I went for one of the guys and grabbed his cock through his pants, ’Go fuck yourself I shouted’ and started to walk to the door. A guy by the door turned the key and put it in his pocket. I went to him and shouted ’let me out’. I put my hand into his pocket squeezed his cock and tried to get my hands on the key. He pushed me away grabbing at my thin blouse. A button came undone again and exposed my breasts. I tried to straighten my blouse to cover my tits but I left plenty of cleavage so that the guys could see what was underneath.

With my back to the locked door a bunch of guys came at me, a couple got hold of my arms and a couple more got hold of my legs and pulled them apart. By now my skirt was round my waste and everyone now was staring at my cunt barely covered by my panties. I was getting worried and started to shout ’rape’.

I was shouting and struggling to get free. My breasts were heaving inside my blouse and lucky for me the buttons stayed fastened. With the struggle my panties were cutting into my cunt pulling my pussy lips apart making the room full of men even more aroused. I could see some getting their cocks out ready to fuck me. I struggled frantically and with one burst of energy I kicked myself free.

For an instant I stood still. My hair was disheveled, my blouse completely undone but my breasts provokingly were still covered. Perspiration trickled between my firm young tits, the thin cotton of my blouse was now almost transparent, I quickly fastened one button which made the material stretch over my breasts showing a clear outline. I straightened my short school skirt which fell only a few inches below my /pussy/hot-pussy/">hot pussy.

One guy already had his erect cock out. I made for this guy and walked straight into him. I could feel is rampant cock against my stomach as he tried to adjust his position so that he could get it inside me. My firm young tits were touching his chest through my school blouse. I ran my tongue over his face and grabbed his penis directing it towards my cunt. I softly pulled it up and down pressing it on my panty’s thin gusset which was the only thing that was protecting me. I thrust my cunt towards his almost exploding cock and within less than a minute I jumped away as he squirted his cum into empty space. Everyone laughed and I shouted at him ’Can’t even fuck a young school girl’.

The guys in the workshop liked this but still they wanted their fuck. I just wanted to escape from what my brother had put bokep sma pecah perawan me up to. One of the guys turned to the others and said ’lets fuck this /teacher/">teacher teaser’ and about six strong macho guys grabbed my arms and legs and carried me to a table. I was thrown down with my legs spread out and hanging over the edge. Two guys started to tie my legs to the table. Two other guys pulled me back so that I was laying on the table with my pussy pushed forward. My blouse had come undone and my breasts lay exposed. As I struggled my tits stood bouncing up and down as I tried to get free. I was screaming ’rape, help me’ at the top of my voice but the room was well sound proofed.

I did not expect this when I made the bet with my brother. One guy was grabbed at my tits fondling them with his grubby hands. He squeezed my erect nipples until they hurt. More guys were striping or had their cocks out. With the sight of an almost naked young school girl tied to a table with her pussy in the air they were hard and ready for action. I was crying for someone to save me. One guy went for my thin panties trying to get his hand inside but they were so tight he could only feel my pussy through the material. Several other guys could see my cunt trapped inside my knickers and wanted to get their hands on it. My pants were small but they were strong and were saving me from a multiple fucking. I could feel their fingers trying to get inside me, I was wet and I could see their cocks getting harder. I am screaming at the top of my voice but it only seemed to add to the excitement for my brother’s mates.