Sluts first time

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Sluts first time

From a very early age I always knew I was gay. I spent most of my time giving blowjobs to older men, then finally, one friday night, I had anal /first-time/first-time-sex/sex-for-the-first-time/">sex for the first time. My name is nick. Men enjoy my /cute/">cute bubble butt and I make sure to wear tight shorts when the feeling takes me! Im not large, but average with a few muscles and a flat stomach, and fairly hairless overall. 

One friday night I decided to walk to a well known gay area I knew, choosing a very skintight pair of shorts and a tight fitting t-shirt. That morning at school had been quite different to other mornigns. Usally I would skip it and meet a few men and suck their juicy cocks, however, that morning I had to be in school as it was the last day. soon i would be at college! I passed up on an opportunity to hang out with mates as i just NEEDED cock! 

I began to walk down the street, a favourite pass time of mine, looking in all the erotic shops. My sexy walk and tight clothes attracted a lot of attention! I arrived in a porn shop i liked, planning to browse then move on to a cruising spot i knew. But i was to get cock sooner than I thought.

I walked up an aisle, the bright lights not hiding my prescence, and began to look at many gay videos involving /oral/oral-sex/">oral sex. Out of the corner of my eye i spotted a group of men in their 30's all looking in my direction and making no moves to be descrete about their glances. One came up to me and surprised me by immediatley stroking my ass. 
"Mmmm, do you suck cock boy?" the man asked. He was tall, dark and handsome, wearing an old suit and old aftershave and a smell of sweat which i found very sexy!
"Yes i do!" i replied. 
"Want to have fun with me and my friends?"
I looked over at the group. they were undressing me with their eyes, all five of them. The 6th man was still groping my ass through the tight material. 

I agreed of course and followed them to the back of the shop. I assumed we were going to the back door then out to the street, but we walked into a toilet area i free porn movies download didnt know existed before. The last man through the door locked it behind him, and i found myself standing in the middle of them in a wide room with urinals along the walls. 

"this isnt the ideal place I had in mind..." I began to say.
"This is perfect for a slut-boy like you" one of them spat! 
The force of the words hit me, and i began to feel a little /scared/">scared, but turned on at the same time. 
"You siad you like to suck cock?!?" the tall man reminded me.
"yes!" I realised i actually wanted to feel a nice throbbing cock in my mouth now, and hoped i could last thorugh 6 of them!

The tall man stepped towards me and said: "On your knees then.." and i obeyed. He pulled out his thick 8 inch cock, already wet with precum, and i began to lick the head. The taste was amazing! It made me feel all tingly and made my /cock/small-cock/">small cock harder than ever before. After about 2 minutes of this, after which i had managed to get 3/4 of his member in my mouth, the man put his hands on the back of my head and pushed down. 

Deep throating hadnt come naturally to me, but that day I learnt how to do it the hard way! And i really enjoyed it. One by one the men stepped up and took turns in my mouth. Most were around 6 or 7 inches, the biggest being a whopping 9 inces and very thick, which i managed to get down my throat with a lot of effort and huge force from the mans hands on the back of my head. 

This was heaven and i knew it would be a long time before they came, but i was going to enjoy it. 
Then another man asked the group if he should remove my shorts and they all agreed. With me kneeling on the floor getting face fucked, this was a difficult thing to acheive! Eventually my shorts were removed and left tattered on the floor. They all cheered when they saw I had no underwear.

“Lets fuck this slut!” one of them yelled. I couldnt complain as i had a cock in my mouth, and they all assumed i had taken it up the ass before. As they tried to move me into a good fucking position, the cock briefly came out of my mouth. I used this opportunity to tell the tall man that I had not been fucked before.He laughed and told the rest of them. They seemed to get very exited and even more eager to fuck me. 
“Don't worry, you'll enjoy it! We sure will!” Said one of them. The man with the 9 inch cock proceeded to fuck my face again. I got put into position on all fours and my tattered shorts and t-shirt were used by the men as mats to step on when fucking me, or if they were kneeling to use my mouth and didnt want their clothes to get dirty from the toilet floor. 

The tall man placed himslef behind me and began to stroke his cock around my hole, lubricating it with his pre-cum. As his precum wasnt enough to fully lubricate my virgin /asshole/">asshole, he spat for good measure then began to push against my hole with such force. It didnt take long for the head of his penis to penetrate me, and I felt a searing pain mixed with great pleasure. I was finally being fucked, and was probably going to be fucked by 5 more men. 

I couldnt fully concentrate on the technique of sucking the /big/big-cocks/">big cocks in my mouth, so the men just took it in turns to ram it down my throat. The man fucking me began to pick up pace. His balls started slapping hard against my ass as he drove his cock deep in me. 
“AAAH Oh my god! Im cumming!” he screamed as he buried his cock deep in me and emtied his load. I could feel my self filling up as hot jet after jet of cum got pumped into me.!

“Oooh that was great! Who wants his ass next?!” He asked the group. One of the guys waiting by the side for a chance to use one of my holes stepped forward and placed his 7 inch cock at my hole. Despite the /fucking/hard-fucking/">hard fucking before it was still very tight and hurt only a little as he pushed it in, but the pleasure was enormous. The tall man who had just fucked me stepped towards my face and stuffed his still erect cock in my mouth, to suck and lick all the cum off it that hadnt been left in my ass. 

The man fucking full hd xvideo download me let out a cry.
“AAAAAAAAH! HERE IT COMES YOU SLUT!” as he pumped his hot sperm in me. I was soo full of cum and only from two of the /fucking/guys-fucking/">guys fucking me! Some began to leak out and dribble down my thighs, but i must have had a bucket load in me at that point still! The man picked up my t-shirt, which up to that point had been only a little grubby, and wiped his cock on it, leaving it sticky with cum. The t-shirt was them placed under my legs to catch the cum that dribbled out of my ass. 

The fucking continued for another hour! Each man had pumped massive loads of cum into me and i could not hold it all in there. It was all down my thighs and on the floor. My face was sticky and glistening from the cocks, as many of the men had used my mouth and face to clean their cocks or simply slapped their pre-cum covered cocks over it many times.

“Are we done then lads?” One of the guys asked the group.
“Sure am. My wifes gonna be wating!” 
“same here!”
They all agreed it was time for them to leave, and without paying any regard to me, they picked up all their things and got straightened out. 
“And you slut boy...well see you here next week!”.
I had every intention of coming back! 
“I cant go home like this! What will I do for clothes?!” i asked desperatley.
“There are plenty of men around here who will lend you something to a small price! If you know what i mean. Were done here. Bye kid!” And with that they left. I stood up and examined myself. Cum was leaking out of my hole and dripping out of my mouth. I went to the nearest tap to clean up and found the water want working. I picked up my t-shirt and shorts to put on. They wouldbe of no use. The shorts were ripped beyond belief and the T-shirt was drenched in cum and stuff from the damp floor. I tried cleaning my face with it but it just made the sticky cream covering worse! I didnt use it to clean my ass as i feared it would make that worse too! 

My ass felt /raw/">raw and very wet. In my crack all the cum had stayed as it seeped out of my hole and caused it to be very sticky. I must have looked such a sight. I feared i would be arrested if i walked out, but i had no choice. The door to the toilet was open and i walked out into the area behind the counter of the porn shop. The owner looked at me and laughed. 
“You look dreadful boy! You need clothes?”
“Yes sir!” i said.
“Then suck this”. He took out his modest 6 inch penis and i dropped to my knees to service him. I had no choice really, and plus it was clear i would be easy as i was /cum/red-cum/covered-in-cum/">covered in cum. After a few minutes of fucking my face he came, spraying it all over my face, hair and chest. 
“Do you have any tissues or a towel to clean myself up please?” i asked
“here,” he said, chucking me a hand towel “now fuck off”
“but what about my clothes?! You promised me clothes?!” i pleaded. 
“Thats all youre gonna get.”. 

I used the towel to wipe the cum from my face and chest, as this was most visible, but when i got to cleaning my ass it was almost impossible because the small towel had gotten soaked. With the towel wrapped around my waist i left through the back entrance. Even though i was cold and covered in cum with no clothes and transport home, i was quite pleased with losing my virginity like that. All i needed now was a ride home. 

“You, boy!” called a man from the other side of the road. “come here, i may have a job for a slut like you” He was dressed in leathers and looked like a Dom type of character. 
It appeared the men had told the /gay/gay-sauna/">gay sauna across the street. It wasnt so much as a /sauna/">sauna but a place where men went and paid for blowjobs. It would seem i had to earn my money to escape this place! 

“But first,” the man said, removing my towel and looking at the sticky mess around my ass, “there are some rich men i want you to meet”....

To be Continued...