Study Buddy

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Study Buddy

I was a senior in my small town high school. It was a very small town, maybe 1,600-2,000 people. Everybody pretty much knew everybody. Every thing really peaceful. It was the second to last week in school for us seniors, and that mean finals. I was doing really well in school. I was the captain of the football team, had a 3.5 GPA and real popular, with most guys and all the girls.

But I really didn't pay them much attention, I saw them as a distraction on my goals at life. I wanted to go to /college/">college to play ball and maybe go pro. So I never looked at the black girls and never thought of the white girls until this week. History was my worst subject. And for some reason, the white girl Kristin could tell. She was in all my major classes /english/">english, math, and history. And she lived right next door to me. O my God she was beautiful, thick just how I like them one of the the wwwxxx fattest asses you would ever see on a white girl, a small waist and a huge rack, 34-24-34 type girl. And only stood about 5'3. I don't know how she could tell I was stuggling maybe because I didn't answer many questions in that class.

On the Friday before finals she came to me in the parking lot, she explained to me that her plans for after school were cancelled and asked me for a ride, I politely said yes and told her to jump in. On our way across town, we made small talk and she was asking things like why I don't have a /girlfriend/">girlfriend? And I explained to her wwwxxx my reasoning, but didn't fail to mention to her that it doesn't make me a virgin. Then she asked "are you ready for finals? History in particular?" "everything but history, I have a c in that class" I explained to her. " o really? It sounds like you need a study buddy, say nomore we're going to study tonight 7:00" I said "fine sounds great just come by when you're ready".

At the end of the conversation we were home, she hopped out and said "see you in a lil bit". I went in the house said hey to my /mom/">mom and pop and ran up to my room to lay down before studying. It was a couple of hours later when my /dad/">dad went to work and my mom went groccery shopping, I was in the shower when both of them left and my mom yelled to the bathroom that I had company and I yelled back that I would be out in a minute. I looked out the window to see both my parents leaving the drive way. As I was standing under the water getting all the suds of me, I seen a silohette pulling back the shower curtain. When I wiped my eyes, I seen the beautiful Kristen standing in front of me. She had the nicest breast I had ever seen.

Perfectly round erect nipples, examining her body head to toe, I worked my way down to her pretty little pussy that was shaved cleaned, and I could see her clit hanging out between her lips. Seeing this made my dick stiff. Her standing there eyes focusing on my 8.5 inch rod. She stepped in the shower, stroking my cock, saying " brains, looks, talent and a /penis/huge-penis/">huge penis, what possibly could be next?" she dropped to her knees and took my whole erect cock into her mouth. Deep down her throat, she sucked reapeatidly long and hard. Seeing her wet glistening body made me feel as my dick grew two more inches. After what seemed like an enternity of sucking and slurping, she grabbed some soap squeezed some on her hand and lathered it up on my rod turned around and bent over and grabbed her ankles.

I stuck my /dick/huge-dick/">huge dick right in her tight little hole it felt heavinly. I stood there stroking deep, and deeper and hearing her moaning made more excited I couldn't wait to hear her scream. We got out the shower and went to the bedroom dripping wet. I put her on the bed and spread her legs wide open and proceded to lick her hairless clit, alternating between her clit and her walls going in a circular motion, she wrapped her legs around my head I knew she was going to cum in my mouth. I kept at it, until she screamed and let out her glory juice in my mouth. As I got up she turned over on all fours " fuck me, James, /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard" I climbed on th e bed and on my first stroke in her waiting pussy I rammed her hard and heard her scream in enjoyment.

I kept at it in a fast motion never letting up long and hard strokes. As she moaned I could feel my cum boiling in my sack. I knew I wouldn't last much longer. She heard me moaning and grunting, she quickly turned around and suck my throbing /dick/dick-hard/">dick hard, untill I shot my load deep in her throat, not giving her a chance to spit it back out and she swallowed it all with pleasure.

When we were done we threw our clothes on fast and ran downstairs because we knew my mom would be back shortly so we began studying like nothing happened. We study like that all through college.