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This is our story. A straight no holes barred, no dancing around the moonlight account of the events over the past few years. Its the way my wife likes it. She told me, ?tell it all, nice and straight. And start from the beginning.?

And so.....

When we first got married, the sex was great. Kris surprised me with her carnal knowledge. The way she would dance her tongue around in your mouth or the effortlessness with which she took to power strokes. But make no mistake I was the /master/">master, I could ride her like a surfer on an endless wave. I knew what buttons to touch and when to move on to another part of her gorgeous body. At least that is what I thought then.

Things changed. One night we were making love/screwing/fucking and I was in heaven. I was driving myself into her, sweating and holding back the urge to ejaculate - which by the way was getting increasingly harder to do - when out of nowhere she reaches down and with her index finger starts pounding on her clitoris. Her eyes held steady onto mine and the look in her face was filled with confidence and a touch of arrogance. As she increased her finger motions, I felt her clit begin to swell, until it was actually crawling up my cock. I was stunned, she looked calm and self -assured. I started to moan, because the sensation was to much. ?Fuck? I muttered. She smiled at me asked if me if I was enjoying it. And then I came and came and came. I was finished, exhausted and flacid. But Kris was not finished. She gently forced my head between her thighs and whispered for me to ?lick her?. What a change. And even though I was tired, I couldn?t resist. Her brown thighs were spreading and the smell of her hormones made me /crazy/">crazy. You know some people just have that fuck power. I was only starting to realize that my wife was one of them. I timidly ran my tongue around her swollen and /wet/wet-vagina/">wet vagina. She used her fingers to open herself up and used her other hand to guide my head to her clitoris. Fuck, it was huge. Until that day, I had only thought of men as being well endowed or not, but I now realize that women are the same. If you don?t believe check the internet. And my wife was the stud of clitoris sizes. I could actually suck her into my mouth. Amazing how some people get everything; good looks, fuck power, and sexual endowment. As I licked her I began to realize something else, she had amazing fuck stamina and muscle control. She was able to cum when she wanted. I could feel her using her pelvic muscles to take her to the edge and then hold back. When she finally decided to cum, it was volcanic. She was lost in her own world, thrashing about the bed like a wild animal. From that night on our sex life took a dramatic turn.

Over the months Kris?s ability in bed grew and grew. She began to realize just how much better she was at fucking than me. It was good to see her confidence grow. But I could not fuck for very long without cumming, she was simply too powerful, too good for my cock. What was amazing was that the idea of her with another man really began to turn me on. I wanted to see two studs fuck, it was a fantasy and one I enjoyed thinking about a lot.

Kris began to spend a lot more time at the gym. She was a personal trainer and she was very good at it. She was always getting way more work than what she wanted. It also meant that she was probably in the best shape of her life. Muscle literally dripped and /hung/">hung off every corner of her body. I also noticed how she would talk a lot more about some of her clients and their bodies.

It was clear that she had a favorite. His name was Ric and, from what she told me, he was quite something. I soon decided it was time for me to gamble. I turned up at her work one day and made certain that i met Ric. He was younger than I thought, maybe 24. Later I went through her business files and found his phone number. We set up a meeting for coffee. He was a nice guy and after an hour of shooting the shit I realized he would not hurt a fly.

At home we started talking more about him, what a nice guy he was and how his training was going. Kris loved to work with him, because he was making such progress. Then one day Kris came home very strange. She told me that Ric had tried to make a pass at her. I began rubbing her shoulders and asked her to tell me what had happened. She said everything had gone normal, until they were left alone in the gym for some extra help he had asked for. ?Every time he passed by me he made a point of rubbing himself along my back side.? she said.

I told her he was young and harmless. She said she was also about to brush it off as just a horny young male, but something else happened. ?He was doing his cool down and he asked he to please hold his feet while he did a few crunches. and he got a huge boner.? she said. I laughed.

?So, what is wrong with that?

?Nothing, except he didn?t do anything to hide it, it was like he wanted me to notice.? She giggled

It was then that I could smell her. I looked over her shoulders at her sexy thighs and I realized, she was horny too. ?Did you? I asked.

?Did I what??

?Notice? as I said this i slipped around in front of her got to my knees and began licking her calves and the insides of her thighs. I knew she was wet, I could smell it.

?I did notice? she said.

With that I dove my tongue into her and she began gyrating her self all over me. Her smell and the taste of her me made me crazy. I wanted to lick her forever. Soon her massive clitoris was erect and in my mouth. She squeezed her muscular thighs over my shoulders, grabbed the edges of her chair seat and began fucking my mouth. She had lately learned how to use my tongue to fuck herself. It was incredible to feel her hips, thighs and pelvis move around the tip of my tongue. I wanted to cum.

She heard me moaning and sensed I was bulging and ready to burst. I could feel her relax and slowly she drew my tongue to the base and tip of her clitoris, and then just before she came she stopped and pulled my cock into her. It was tight and deep, like I could push forever. Her clitoris wrapped itself around me like a glove and she used her pelvic muscle to fuck my cock. I threw my head back and moaned like a baby. It felt good and she knew it. Then as if on cue she looked straight at me and said. ?I am cuming.? She arched her back, threw her head back and pulled me in. She was in her own world of /ecstasy/">ecstasy, and she rode and rode every moment of the ride, and the ride went on forever. I could feel her cum shooting past my cock, a puddle forming on the bed sheets. It was 3 to white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie 5 minutes of power cuming, she confirmed her stud status by having the best clitoral orgasm I had ever witnessed. She was good.

With satin cum still leaking out of her, she placed her hands on my hips and pushed and pulled me out of her. I was amazed by her, she was willing to go on fucking to satisfy me. She would endure a little discomfort to make me cum. I felt /bad/">bad, I wanted her to enjoy it, not to put up with it solely for the purpose of satisfying me. After all, there was no way a stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv women felt like fucking after having an orgasm. With this in mind, I began to slow down my strokes and was preparing to cuddle and hold her to sleep.

?There is more?, she whispered.

?Really?, I replied.

?He was so persistent, showing me his penis and his body, that eventually...?, she paused.

?Eventually what?? I asked.

?I got wet?.

?I could not do anything but sit down, I felt flushed. His persistence really flattered me. Made me feel good. It was then I decided to lock up the gym and to see where this would go.? she stopped.

?Go on? I insisted.

By now my cock was starting to assert itself in her again. She felt it and looked deep within my eyes to search for any pain. If there was any, it was clouded by lust. She knew I was enjoying this. She put her arms behind her head and looked at the ceiling.

?You sure? she asked.

?Sure?, I swallowed.

And so she told me what happened. She sat across the room and slowly spread her legs. She could feel his ears and crotch pick up. He turned towards her - he groaned. She let him crawl to her and lick her. Then she stripped him naked and walked all around him feeling her way along his steel sculpted body. ?I?ve done a good job on you, your hard as a rock.? She squeezed her self tight behind him and began rubbing her clitoris on his ass.

She reached around his waist and felt his washboard abs, his thick, long cock. She rubbed it and stroked it until it was like a steel shaft. She wanted him to cum. She pulled him closer and whispered in his ear. ?You want to fuck me, don?t you?? He muttered yes. He could barely swallow. She ground her huge, swollen clitoris into his /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass, rubbed it up and down until she felt the blood rush from her head and her knees began to buckle. Her hand tightened on his cock and she felt it bulge, its huge veins swelling to the point of bursting.

She loved the power. She dug her clit deep into his ass and let the sensations wave throughout her body.

?I am good aren?t I.?

?Yes? he stuttered.

She squeezed hard on his cock and he moaned and bucked, but with such grace and skill that she only felt her clitoris rub even harder on his muscle. His cock suddenly jerked with the force of a fire hose and he unloaded on the wall across the room. Kris wrapped her one leg tight around him and let herself go. She felt her cum pour out of her onto his ass and down his leg. He was still ejaculating, after all he was young and in his prime. She had really fucked him, and that is what she liked the most.

He collapsed to the floor and panted, completely out of energy. She left him there and went to shower. When she came out he was gone.

By now I was coming in my wife again. She smiled and kissed me hard on the lips. We went to sleep in each other?s arms with the scent of love all around us. I loved her and admired her more than ever.